Sample preparation equipment are used to prepare samples. They are important tools.

They are available in several models depending on the field of activity and the requirements they are meant to meet.

Like all other control and test equipment, sample preparation equipment have to comply with given standards depending on their functions. They are used to prepare samples in accordance with the standards.

Sample Preparation Equipment have different models with different features for different fields of application such as optic emission, spectrometer, sample-cutting press etc.

Sample preparation equipment are used for rubber, forestry products, laminated coatings and similar products. As for its functioning: separate temperature setting for lower and upper plates; thermostat control available; pressure setting; setting of application time of press available. This sample-cutting device is very user-friendly and requires no specific maintenance. It is coated with electrostatic powder paint. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic control units. SAMPLE PREPARATION PRESS DVT NP L, manufactured under the trademark and quality assurance of Devotrans, operates on 220 V 50 hz. and is equipped with high temperature insulation.

ROUND SHAPED SAMPLE CUTTER DVT D100 is used in a number of sectors including mainly packaging, shoes, leather, artificial leather, paper, furniture etc. It is used to prepare samples for the determination of weight of non-woven textiles and felts.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and complies with standards and is very user-friendly.

This device is used to prepare samples in laboratories. It can cut samples of an area of 100 cm². It comes with a rubber cutting tray. It is coated with electrostatic powder paint. Thanks to its 4 cutting blades, it ensures easy and fast cutting operations. In addition, it is equipped with a blade-protecting lock. It cuts through 45° rotations.

Sample preparation equipment, like other quality control and test equipment, have different models depending on the field of activity and the requirements to meet. They are able to meet a wide range of requirements for different businesses.

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