TS EN ISO/ IEC 17025

With its new infrastructure enabling it to comply with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard in activities relating to Strength, Temperature, Balance and Hardness (Shore), the Devotrans Calibration Laboratory (DVTLAB) was accredited by TÜRKAK on 31 December 2008. In 2010, “Pressure” was added to the coverage of the Accreditation. Devotrans Calibration Laboratory renders accredited calibration services in the fields of strength, temperature, balance  pressure and non accredited calibration services in other fields. 

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DEVOTRANS renders test laboratory services under the trademark DVT TEST. The services include measurements on specimens regarding physical features such as tensile, breaking, tearing, crushing, fracturing, flexing or bursting strength, tear and wear resistance, hardness, air or water permeability and so on.


DEVOTRANS ensures systematic performance of periodical maintenance operations to ensure optimum performance and longer life for laboratory test devices to meet the requirements of its customers in this field.


DEVOTRANS renders repair services in fields in which it specializes. It repairs not only devices of its own manufacturing but also meet modernization requirements of devices of other brands.