What are test machines for materials and which tests are conducted with them?

Test machines for materials are used to measure such properties as strength, flexibility and stretching resistance etc. of materials.

These machines are used to conduct various tests to measure the strength of materials.

These machines can be used to conduct tensile, stretching, compression, bending etc. tests.

For instance, they can be used to determine the fracture point or elasticity module of a material. These tests are used in the fields of engineering, building materials, car industry, aviation and various other industries.

DVT DEVOTRANS manufactures a number of test machines for materials for various sectors.

For instance, TENSILE AND COMPRESSION TEST MACHINE DVT GP23 D NN is used to measure the strength of materials and is able to receive an extensometer as additional equipment for high-precision measurements.

For more information on this machine that is able to conduct quality control tests such as open/close, shear, tearing, compression, breaking, bending, permanent deformation, puncture, flexibility tests, click here.

Another test machine for materials is the COMPRESSION TEST MACHINE DVT GP D S80 N that is used to conduct compression, breaking, permanent deformation tests. It is used to test mainly corrugated cardboards and plastic pipes but also glass, porcelains, tiles, cement-based products, car industry products, forestry products and building materials. For more information on this device click here.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, test machines for materials are devices used to test such properties as strength, flexibility, stretching strength etc. of various materials.

Yet another test machine for materials is CHARPY-IZOD IMPACT TESTER DVT CD D 50IC. This device is used to determine the resistance of materials to fractures caused by an impact or their breaking energy.

This device complies with the following standards: EN ISO 179-1 / TS EN ISO 179-1 (Charpy plastic), TS ISO 9854-1 (Charpy pipe), EN ISO 148-1 / TS EN ISO 148-1 (Charpy metal), EN ISO 148-2 / TS EN ISO 148-2 (Charpy metal), EN ISO 148-3 / TS EN ISO 148-3 (Charpy metal), ISO 180 (Izod plastic), ASTM E23-02 (charpy/izod metal), ASTM D256 (Izod plastic), ISO 13802 / TS ISO 13802 (Charpy/Izod plastic).

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