Tensile/compression test equipment, used for tensile and compression test purposes in a wide range of fields, including in particular research laboratories and manufacturers of wires, metal products and ropes, are now more handy and more accurate thanks to technological advancements and new generation software.

The new TENSILE AND COMPRESSION TEST EQUIPMENT-DVT FU30 D NN, one of the hundreds of products of  DVT DEVOTRANS, one of the oldest companies in Turkey in this field, is used for a wide range of laboratory purposes in particular in the manufacturing of metal products, wires and ropes.

DVT FU30 D NN can comfortably be used for such tests as rupture, compaction, flex, permanent deformation, puncture and so on. As for its technical features, it is equipped with a wide range of technical features.

Its technical features include: rupture/fracture, stopping at a given distance, robust and reliable structure that does not require any specific maintenance, colour touch-screen, fast return option, emergency stop button, a 4-column and 2-screw system, capacity options: 20-25-30 tons,  accuracy: ± 0.5% , upward movement for tensile tests, force unit options, speed range: 0.001 – 250 mm/min, language options.

Note that optional features are also available. For more information on the device see: TENSILE AND COMPRESSION TEST EQUIPMENT- DVT FU30 D NN.

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