Used to observe whether water absorbents in diapers clump or not when subjected to impact

In our day, for a higher quality of life in all fields, different test devices are being used and the importance of test equipment increases every passing day for the analysis of production and consumption products.

Parents do their best to make sure that their babies grow healthily.

In the growth process of babies, diapers play an essential part. There are many enterprises manufacturing diapers. As in all fields of consumption, the quality of diapers is very important for the health of babies.

What is an impact tester for diapers ?

IMPACT TESTER FOR DIAPERS DVT BBD, manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, is used to observe whether water absorbents in diapers clump or not when subjected to impact. This tester allows manufacturers to know in advance in what condition absorbents are during the use of the diapers so that the diapers can be manufactured correctly.

This product, which is very important for a healthy growth for babies, is also used in the textiles and medical products sectors.

Why impact testers for diapers are important?

In our day, with the advancement of technology, in the production of every product, there are technical features that manufacturers must observe. These features include the quality, standard etc. of the products and other characteristics. Tests are conducted with impact testers for diapers to ascertain whether diapers have these features or not.

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