The hot wire test device is included in the category of burning test equipment. Generally, it is used to determine the amount of melting and scorching that occurs on plastics when they are exposed to high temperatures caused by high current.

DVT DEVOTRANS manufactures several types of hot wire testers of different descriptions and dimensions. Used in the fields of electro-technology, engineering, cables, plastics and job security, this device enjoys sophisticated features. This equipment determines whether the sample remains within burning limits. Its comprehensive technical features and user-friendly nature constitute significant advantages for the user.

As for the technical features of DVT DEVOTRANS’ cabin model HOT WIRE TEST EQUIPMENT DVT YAN KTK:

  • Power input: 220 V, 50 Hz.
  • Pressure weight: 100 gr.
  • Wooden dropping plate.
  • Temperature display.
  • Current display.
  • Temperature setting: 370°C-1000°C.
  • High accuracy scale for measuring flame length.
  • Holder plate adjustment depending on sample
  • Control and stabilization system.
  • Time display
  • Fully automatic engine driver
  • Possibility of conducting in-cabin tests.
  • In-cabin lighting.
  • Timer starts automatically when sample comes into contact with wire and sample carriage rotates in reverse direction upon the expiration of the set time
  • In-cabin aeration.
  • Inner volume as prescribed by the standard.

Used by manufactures of plastics and electric appliances, this test equipment measures, approximately, 103 cm in width, 68 in depth and 120 cm in height and weighs 90 kg.

This equipment, manufactured in accordance with the standards TS EN 60695, IEC 60695, IEC 60529, TS EN 60332-1-3, TS EN 60332-1-1, TS EN 60332-1-2, TS EN 61386-1, is one of the most sophisticated test devices in its field.

As examples of other test equipment used for hot wire test purposes, we may mention the manual version HOT WIRE TEST EQUIPMENT DVT YAN KTM and the standard version HOT WIRE TEST EQUIPMENT DVT YAN KT. For more technical information on these test devices, please click their respective links.

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