The hot adhesion tester for shoes and leather items is used to determine the strength of moulding adhesives used in shoes against heat. The bonding between superposed and glued shoe samples is tested in hot environment. Samples (glued to each other) are kept for a while in a drying oven and different weights are hung in order to measure their resistance against coming off from each other. In other words, the strength of the bonding is tested.

HOT ADHESION TESTER FOR SHOES/LEATHER ITEMS DVT ASY, manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, is especially useful for producers of shoes and adhesives and is widely used by them. It is also widely used in the manufacturing of packaging and flexible cellular materials.

Classified as a Long life test equipment, this material tester is, like in the case of many other material measurement devices, presents a great importance for the fields of production mentioned above.

HOT ADHESION TESTER FOR SHOES/LEATHER ITEMS DVT ASY, manufactured in accordance with the standard TS EN 12964, is distinguished from other similar equipment on the market by the sophistication of its technical features. This machine, referred to as sole gluing machine in the sector, and other similar machines are used in other different fields of activity too.



  • Operating voltage: 220 Volt 50 Hz.
  • Temperature display
  • Possibility of testing 5 samples simultaneously
  • A time display for each of the 5 samples tested
  • Stop time key
  • Possibility of observing the test process
  • Door and cabin insulation joints made from heat-resistant silicone.
  • Homogeneous temperature within the cabin thanks to the air circulation system
  • Possibility of setting the temperature on a range of room temperature+5°C - 100°C
  • Stainless steel or aluminium Eloxal cabin inside

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