Tensile tests are widely conducted in a wide range of activities. A wide range of different tensile testing machines are available for conducting tests in the field of tensile testing. This article deals with the ECONOMIC TENSILE TESTING MACHINE DVT BE E, a DVT DEVOTRANS-manufactured product that offers economical and ideal solutions for tensile tests.

This tensile test machine is used to conduct breaking tests for bottles or to test yarns, plastics, rubbers or finished products.

This tensile test machine is used to conduct elongation, rupture etc. tests in accordance with the standards TS EN ISO 7500-1/527-3/6892-1, TS 1398-1EN ISO 527-1, TS ISO 37.

This economical tensile testing machine is equipped with a digital screen and buttons to stop the test whenever a lower or upper limit has been reached. It is a user-friendly product.

As in the case of many quality control and test devices, this product can receive optional features. For more technical information on this economical testing machine click here.

Other products similar to the economical tensile testing machine are:Economical tensile and compression test device DVT UCK E NN, economical tensile and compression test device DVT UCK E S80 N and Hand-operated tensile or compression test machine DVT MC1T.

To have a look at the tensile – compression testing machines manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, click here. For information on all quality control test equipment manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS for other industries, visit PRODUCTS in our website or contact us.


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