The drip irrigation pipe tension tester deforms the pipe at chosen force and thus provides specimens for water flow determination test.

This equipment is used for tests conducted on drop by drop irrigation pipes involving the specimen’s being kept under a given force. It is available with various capacities.

For drop by drop irrigation pipes, not only tension tests but also tensile tests are conducted. Please contact us for information on products regarding your tension and tensile test requirements.

This article deals in particular with technical descriptions of test equipment measuring tension properties of drop by drop irrigation pipes.

DRIP IRRIGATION PIPE TENSION TESTER DVT BBO GD , manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, is widely used by pipe manufacturers for tension tests. Other equipment that can be used concurrently with this machine includes: TESTING EQUIPMENT FOR DROP BY DROP IRRIGATION PIPES DVT BBO DB , TENSILE COMPRESSION TESTING MACHINE DVT GP D NN, MELT FLOW INDEXER (MFI) DVT EA

The tension tester for drop by drop irrigation pipes has a calibrated high precision weight, which allows you to test long pipes. With additional weights, the test weight of the machine is 500 g or 1000 g.

This test equipment can receive optional features. Optional weights are also available upon request. In addition, this test equipment can be customized for specific pipe diameters.

Find below the approximate dimensions and weight of the equipment

  • Width: 300 mm.
  • Depth: 580 mm.
  • Height: 850 mm.
  • Weight: 22 kg

DVT DEVOTRANS, has been designing and manufacturing quality control test equipment since 1960 and, thanks to its knowledge and experience in this field, continuously updates its technology and widens its product range and thus keeps its position as a leading local manufacturer of quality control test equipment. DVT DEVOTRANS has representation offices in a number of countries. To have a closer look at other test equipment manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, please click here. For more information on specific products, please contact us.


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