The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) equipment is a thermal analysis device used to determine how the thermal capacity of a material varies with temperature.

The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) equipment measures the amount of energy absorbed or released when a material is being heated or cooled or kept at a constant temperature. The difference between the reference value and the amount of heat that comes from or goes away from the sample is indicated as a function of temperature or time.

The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) equipment that we deal with in the present article is used to determine how the thermal capacity of plastics varies with temperature.

DVT DSC differential scanning calorimetry is used to determine the oxidation induction time (isothermal OIT) or the oxidation induction temperature (dynamic OIT) of polymeric materials.

DVT DEVOTRANSDIFFERANTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETRY EQUIPMENT DVT DSC, manufactured by DVT DEVOTRANS, is equipped with a computer connection and a software program specially designed for this machine. The available language options are: Turkish, English, French and Russian. It has remarkable features such as a high insulation oven, oxygen and nitrogen gas entries, a temperature resolution of 0.1 °C, a heating rate of 20±2 °C/min. and automatic gas adjustment.

This test equipment is used especially in the manufacturing of pipes and plastics. It is manufactured in accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 11357-6. For more detail about this particular test equipment, click here. To watch the information video of this device, click here.

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