Tensile – compression test equipment for packaging is used to conduct compression, fracture and permanent deformation tests on corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic pipes among others.

Compression test equipment are used in different fields of manufacturing. They are manufactured in accordance with specific standards fixed for compression tests. It is an important test tool used mainly in the manufacturing of packaging materials but also in the pipe, glass and ceramics, food, furniture, forestry products, electric home appliances industries, car industry and building industry.

TENSILE – COMPRESSION TEST EQUIPMENT DVT GP D S60 N, included in the product range of Devotrans, is equipped with sophisticated technical features and offers very efficient solutions in its own field of application. It is equipped with a touch-screen, an emergency stop button, a double-column system. It has a ± %0.5 accuracy. It operates on 220V AC, 50 Hz. operating voltage. Max. power consumption: max. 1 KVA. Speed adjustment: 0.001-500 mm/min. Movement accuracy: 0,01 mm. It can be programmed to stop at a given distance or when a given amount of compression or fracture occurs. It is equipped with standard software. Unit options: Newton, Kg and MPa. Language options: Turkish and English. Robust and reliable structure that requires no specific maintenance.

As with some control and measurement equipment, the tensile – compression test equipment can receive optional additional features, such as jaws for different models, computer and printer connection, additional units for customized tests, customized movement accuracy, customized speed control range, extensometer, hot-cold environment test cabins, N/sec. option, plexiglass or metal safety cage and light barrier.

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