Laboratory test equipment

Laboratories are generally used to conduct scientific research and varies greatly in form following the requirements of specialists in the fields of natural sciences and engineering.

Quality Control and Test Equipment are used in almost all domains of production to ensure quality and reliable production. They are also used in laboratories.

The first laboratory recorded in world history was used to conduct tests on sound intensities and wire vibrations.

This laboratory was inaugurated after the Second World War and laboratories kept developing up to the present thanks to the contributions of the technology which was pursuing its own development and are now widely used in all domains of life and production.

Molecular biology laboratories and life sciences laboratories use a number of different test devices including in particular: autoclaves, microscopes, centrifuge, shaker and stirrer, pipette, thermocycler (PCR), photometer, fridge and freezer, universal test equipment, ULT freezer, incubator, bioreactor, biological safety cabin, sequencing tools, fume hood, environmental chamber, humidifier, scale and reactive. In addition, a number of different products and test devices are used in industries of high technology and new fields of production, including defence industry. In this context, DVT DEVOTRANS produces the best products for over 50 sectors using state-of-the-art technology thanks to its experience of over 55 years in the sector.

Laboratory equipment are usually used to conduct tests or measurements or to collect data. Larger and more complicated equipment are usually referred to as scientific instruments.

DVT DEVOTRANS manufactures over 600 different types of laboratory test devices, which constitute a very large range of products. It contributes greatly to the efficiency of manufacturers as far as test laboratory devices are concerned.

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DVT DEVOTRANS is the leader of the Turkish laboratory test equipment manufacturing sector. For more information on test equipment used in laboratories to conduct tests or measurements, contact the technical team of DVT DEVOTRANS or visit the website to examine the products.