DVT DEVOTRANS obtains one more patent 01/11/2021

DVT DEVOTRANS, manufacturer of hundred percent Turkish products, acquires a new patent.

AIR SPRINGS TEST MACHINE DVT LZ, a test device developed to measure static performance of air springs, has been patented in the name of DVT DEVOTRANS by the Turkish Patents and Trademarks Agency.

DVT LZ, which is used to conduct tests to observe the changes in the height and diameter of air springs of vehicles under air pressure and compression, is commonly used in the car industry, the railway systems and defence industries.

DVT DEVOTRANS has already developed a large number of products and models. It is strong with its 60 years of experience in the industry and enjoys manufacturing skills that correspond thereto. It is the leader trademark in Turkey.

DVT DEVOTRANS, whose products are used as quality control and test equipment in tens of thousands of business in hundreds of fields of activities, is also remarkable by the large number of patents it possesses.

The company, which already possesses a large number of patents for different products and models, has been growing incessantly since its creation from generation to generation. One of the most precious trademarks in its field, DVT DEVOTRANS has just added one more patent to its numerous assets.


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