The Covid-19 pandemic that broke out at the end of 2019 as a global problem was a new phenomenon to everyone and caused serious damage to the global economy and impaired the free movement of people.

2020 will be remembered as one of the hardest moments of human history.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, a process of confinement started on a global scale and mobility was seriously restricted and people started to wait with apprehension. Fighting the pandemic became a priority in Turkey as in the world, a struggle conducted mainly by health care professionals with great sacrifices. At the same time, a restructuring took place in production taking into account the new conditions and habits changed. A new mode of life is emerging.

Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ, CEO of DVT DEVOTRANS, commented on 2020 on an industry-by-industry basis. “First of all, in a situation of pandemic affecting the lives of billions of people worldwide and killing millions, one can’t help be sorry for all those who suffer. Our thoughts are with them and we hope this ordeal will be over soon without many more deaths.”, said he. Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ says that, with the pandemic, they had to change the way they operated. In a world where contacts are reduced on a global basis, a new business model had to be developed.

Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ says: "Thanks to its 60 years of experience in the industry, DVT DEVOTRANS had already been committed to hygiene and work health. But we still reviewed our business system taking into account the new conditions. Our industry as a whole was seriously affected by the pandemic. But, given the scale of the pandemic and the restrictions in place in many countries, we observe that producers have performed well in terms of minimizing the effects of the pandemic and seeing opportunities in the problem, thanks to their reflex of prompt response.”

“In 2020, we were deprived of trade events, whether national or international. Under normal circumstances, we would have participated in a number of annual fairs, which would have allowed us to have direct contact with consumers. But the pandemic deprived us of this opportunity. However, using technology, we did make some attempts to reach consumers on a global scale and conducted significant work in this respect. In place of the events in which we used to participate in normal times, such as fairs and so on, we used other methods and managed to reach our target audience”, says Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ in his comments on 2020. “We have even achieved a 5% increase in our exports with respect to the previous year despite all the difficulties”, he adds.

Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ says: “As in all other industries, our industry suffered a lot. But, those enterprises that were successful in managing the crisis managed to minimize its effects. For instance, DVT DEVOTRANS managed to increase its exports by 5% despite the pandemic, not to mention the 10% increase in the production of new devices.”

Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ says they expect a better 2021: “The pandemic changed the way we work and from now on probably we will permanently live in a world of reduced contact, where businesses will have to develop new means of communication to reach their target audiences”.

Mr. Hakan ULUTAŞ says:  "DVT DEVOTRANS enjoys 60 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Since our very foundation, we have been manufacturing quality control test equipment without making any concessions from our principles. In accordance with the initial purpose of our company, we continually improve our operations. We have already experienced global economic crises or political turmoil in the past and now the pandemic is just a new challenge to us. Naturally, we are restructuring our company taking into account the current conditions. In such circumstances, what matters is to focus on the problem and its solution. We wish a much better 2021 for DVT DEVOTRANS and for all producers”.


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