Cut resistance tester is used to determine the resistance of materials used in protective garments to cutting by sharp objects such as knives.

Cut resistance testers are generally used in the industries of leather, artificial leather, medical products and work safety. They are particularly important for manufacturers of gloves and personal protection equipment.

DVT DEVOTRANSCUT RESISTANCE TESTER FOR GLOVES DVT KDT complies with the standards EN 388:2003, ISO 13997, ASTM F 2992-15 and TS EN 388/ 6.3. It is an important test tool in its field of operation.

DVT KDT Cut Resistance Tester is equipped with sophisticated features including movement distance display, emergency stop button, safety arm, trays for different weights, automatic stop once a cut has occurred in the sample, protection for sample cutting blade etc. Its body is coated with electrostatic powder paint. It is robust and reliable and requires no specific maintenance.

This device has a number of accessories such as cutting template and blade, copper conductor, various weights, screwdriver, weight-holding tongs, plastic blade protection and level spirit. To watch its video, click here.

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