Bursting testers for cardboards are available in various models. These are measurement devices that are used in a number of different industries. They are used in such industries as packaging, paper and corrugated cardboard etc.

Bursting testers are used to conduct bursting tests on paper, cardboard, textiles, leather and other products by exposing them to a given pressure. The bursting strength of the samples are expressed in various pressure units. Thanks to the test software, it is possible to obtain the test results in the form of report printouts. Digital or touch-screen versions are available for this tester.

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For instance, TOUCH-SCREEN CORRUGATED PAPERBOARD AND PAPER BURSTING STRENGTH TESTING MACHINE DVT KP DLC is a tester used in the packaging, paper and corrugated cardboard industries. This tester complies with the standards ISO 2758, ISO 2759, ISO 5651, ISO 3034, ASTM D 774, ASTM D 2738, DIN 53141, EN ISO 2759, EN ISO 2758, TS 3026, TS 3124, TS 3123, BS 3137, TAPPI 4403. It applies an increasing hydraulic pressure to the sample of paper or cardboard to measure its bursting strength.

It is user-friendly and offers language options. It is equipped with sophisticated technical features.

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