DVT DEVOTRANS star of Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2019

The annual fair Plast Eurasia Istanbul, the largest of the plastic industry in Eurasia, took place this year in Tüyap Fair Centre under the name the “International Istanbul Plastic Industry Fair”.

Organized with the collaboration of PAGEV (Foundation of Turkish Plastic Manufacturers for Research & Development and Education) at Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, the event received thousands of companies and agents and tens of thousands of professionals from dozens of countries.

Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2019

The 29th International Plastic Industry Fair took place at Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, between 4 – 7 December 2019.

The fair brought together major players of the industry from a number of countries and

DVT DEVOTRANS was the star of the event thanks to its innovative approach and new products.

Currently, DVT DEVOTRANS exports to 64 countries and contributes to production in hundreds of fields of activity with its hundreds of different products. DVT DEVOTRANS is a hundred percent national Turkish company. In 2019, it participated in a number of fairs across the world with great success.

DVT DEVOTRANS manufactures quality control test equipment for a large number of fields of activity including the defence industry, the car industry, electric home appliances, textiles and yarns, plastics and rubber and educational laboratories. DVT DEVOTRANS is most senior company in Turkey in this field and the leader of the industry, a position that it is confirming every passing day.

DVT DEVOTRANS participated in Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2019 with new products and models and became a focus of attention in the fair. The fair, that took place between 4 – 7 December, was the last event of the year.

The fair was an occasion for manufacturers and market research companies to examine and be informed about products and models of a large number of suppliers. Everyone agrees that the event was a success.

DVT DEVOTRANS designs its products itself before manufacturing them in its own facilities.

DVT DEVOTRANS manufactures 600 types of standard products as well as customized ones.

Customized models of existing products are available as well as unique products designed to satisfy the specific requirements of individual customers.

Thanks to its knowledge and experience in design, DVT DEVOTRANS is able to satisfy a major part of the requirements of a large number of sectors in the field of test equipment.

DVT DEVOTRANS exports to 64 countries. Thanks to its distribution network that constantly expands, it increases its international sales every passing day. Here is a list of its exportation outlets:

USA, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Algeria, China, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Armenia, Estonia, France, Ivory Coast, Finland, Georgia, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Cyprus, Colombia, Libya, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Oman, Jordan, Vietnam, Greece…

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