Acid and alkali permeability test set is usually used to determine acid and alkali permeability of genuine or synthetic leather gloves used for hand protection.

Acid and alkali permeability test set is used in the manufacturing of leather, synthetic leather, textiles and yarn. Like many other measuring devices, it is a very important measuring tool.

ACID AND ALKALI TEST SET DVT EPH, manufactured under the trademark and quality assurance of Devotrans are very efficient tools thanks to their technical features and production standards.

As for the general technical features of this measurement set: operating voltage: 220 Volt. Sample radius: 60 ± 1 mm. Sample container made from abrasion-proof materials. Magnetic stirrer. Test timer up to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Test timer stops as soon as the abrasive liquid penetrates the sample. Lower and upper electrodes.

The test set contains: a 800 ml beaker, a glass funnel, a 10 ml glass pipette, a 250 ml graded container, magnetic stirrer and a magnetic stirrer whirligig.

Approximate dimensions and weight: Width: 50 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 35 cm and Weight: 4.6 kg. This is a very handy device.

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