Abrasion test equipment for gloves is used to measure resistance of leather, latex, polymer etc. gloves against wear.

Abrasion test equipment for gloves is an indispensable tool for the manufacturing of leather and synthetic leather products. It is among those measuring devices that are very important for assuring compliance of production with the standards. In this context, it is used to determine the quality and to measure the resistance to wear of products.

Each measurement device is very important to ensure compliance with the standards in the field of production where it is used.

Devotrans has been active in the field of manufacturing of quality control equipment and it has been manufacturing equipment with global state-of-the-art technology and always paid attention to continuous innovation and used sophisticated technology. As with all of its products, Devotrans took great care to use high technology in its abrasion test equipment for gloves. ABRASION TEST EQUIPMENT FOR GLOVES DVT DA E offers highly sophisticated technical features and is manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards.

ABRASION TEST EQUIPMENT FOR GLOVES DVT DA E has the following technical features: operating voltage: 220 V 50 Hz. Sample dimensions: 100 mm x 25-30 mm. Movement (test) length: 50 mm., Compression weight: 2 kg., Compression ball diameter: 20 ±1 mm., Test period counter up to 999999 test periods. Test speed: 50 rpm. Sound warning at end of test. Sample stretching mechanism. Protective plexiglass lid. The equipment won’t operate when the protective lid is open. Body coated with electrostatic powder paint. Robust and reliable structure requiring no specific maintenance.

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