Devotrans’ Air Springs Test Equipment Project no. 2017-12 was admitted to Kosgeb’s Industrial Application Support Program.

Devotrans adds one more item to its range of 100% Turkish-made products

The admission of Project no. 2017-12 to Kosgeb’s Industrial Development Program constitutes further proof of the significance of Devotrans’ innovative operations. Devotrans keeps growing thanks to its technological innovations.

This important test device referred to as AIR SPRING TEST EQUIPMENT DVT LZ is used to test the performance of air springs of land vehicles.

This test device is equipped with important technical features. It is used to determine the changes in height and diameter of air springs of land vehicles in response to air pressure and compression.

This measurement device is used by manufacturers of air springs for the defence industry, by car industry suppliers and other manufacturers of air springs for land vehicles. Its dimensions and weight are: width: 1310 mm; depth: 830 mm; height: 2500 mm and weight: 800 kg.

Technically speaking: this control and test equipment measures the diameter of air springs using laser to obtain pressure – load curves. It is equipped with a DLC touch-screen. It has a rapid return feature. Accuracy: ±0.5%. Operating voltage: 3-phase 380 V. Power: 2 KVA. The test speed range is 0.10 – 500.00 mm per minute. It has a special software program with four graphics. It is a very comprehensive device.

In addition to the standard features, there are optional features for special tests such as: hot and cold environment test cabins; models with customized dimensions; unit for the measurement of elongation of air spring lower height.