Electronic test and measurement equipment play an essential role in industrial production regarding product quality. With the development of technology, digital devices rather than analogue ones have recently become more widespread. In a market with thousands of different products for different uses and meeting different requirements in production, it is important to make the right choice and today it is even more important to get informed about the choices available before buying anything. Before the communication between the producer and the consumer, the major source of information in our days is certainly the Internet.

As for the fields of quality control test equipment or measurement equipment, an enormous amount of information, often irrelevant and ambiguous, is available, which makes it difficult to make the right choice.

For instance, although there should be a distinction between destructive test equipment and non-destructive test equipment, on the Internet information about these two categories are often mixed. You will find below examples to eliminate this source of confusion.

What are Quality control test equipment?

Products can be categorized as follows:

  • Abrasion, friction test equipment
  • Tensile, compression test equipment
  • Impact, fracture test equipment
  • Electric conductivity test equipment
  • Sample preparation equipment
  • Lifetime test equipment
  • Permeability test equipment
  • Melting test equipment
  • Fire resistance test equipment
  • Bursting test equipment
  • Pressure test equipment
  • Air-conditioning test equipment
  • Corrosion test equipment and others.

These products are usually under the destructive test equipment category.

What are Measurement equipment?

Measurement equipments are generally non-destructive. For instance; “Thickness gauge table type DVT KO”, “High Accuracy Scale ZXB 4200 C SCS” and “Colorimeter Z RO” are of the non-destructive type.

As for the fields of use of test and measurement equipment, despite major differences, some fields of production use both destructive test equipment and non-destructive measurement equipments.

Those sectors that use destructive test equipment and non-destructive measurement devices include: aluminium and other metals, packaging, footwear, pipes, glass and ceramics, bags-jute and films, genuine and synthetic leather, educational institutions, public institutions and laboratories, electro-technology, engineering, flexible cellular materials, zippers, food, construction, job security, cables, paper, rubber, chemical industry, furniture, corrugated cardboard, forest products, automotive, home appliances, plastics, defence industry, PVC profile, textiles and yarns, medical products, insulation etc.

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The present article is meant only to provide basic information on test and measurement equipments. For more information on test and measurement equipments, visit products.